We are Los Camaradas - and we play music for the ears, hips and feet!

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Tracionero is our new lockdown take on the 1996 hit song Tracionera by Oscar D'Leon.

It starts with a simmering bolero introducing the treacherous lover (male in our case). Her heart is dying, she drank the poison of his words.

Then it switches to a wild salsa, with the echoing coro I know that you will pay, traitor, you’ll get your comeuppance

Los Camaradas

About us

We are a community salsa band, based in Leeds, with players from across Yorkshire.

Trombone Jonny

Want to join?

The band is an excellent opportunity to develop skills in latin styles, rhythms and improvisation.

Dancing at Heart

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When the lockdown is finished, we will be taking bookings for more gigs, parties, weddings etc.

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